David Stewart, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

Lessons From Bud Light’s Brand Management Mistakes

Much has been written about the recent Bud Light influencer campaign, and more will be written over time. My colleagues at MASB make a compelling argument that the “boycott” in response to the campaign is unlike other boycotts and is likely to persist well into the future. They argue that brand preferences have changed in response to the campaign. Regardless of the specific product and advertising messages involved, there are several general lessons about the...

Brand Building Is Not A B2C Or B2B Activity

When asked about the business they are in marketers will frequently reply in terms of the immediate customer that the serve. Thus, marketers will identify their business as business-to-business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). Recruiters also often differentiate positions in terms of the need for a B2B or B2C focus. While such differentiation is a useful shorthand, it fails to capture a larger truth about marketing and markets, a truth that has implications for...

7 Keys To Managing Your Value Chain

One of the more important strategic choices for a business is how it will organize itself and go about delivering value to its customers. Few firms have the capacity to be fully integrated and take responsibility for creating and delivering the entire product or service they sell. Even if a firm could do so, complete integration is rarely an optimal financial strategy.

Brands Wait For The Promise Of Big Data

Marketers are swimming in data. The amount of data available to marketers is exploding and the analysis of very large data sets, popularly referred to as “big data,” has been touted as the next wave of productive marketing practice. Such data range from records of transactions to the text of reviews and customer service interactions, to images and video. The availability of such data should make brand building easier.

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