David Stewart, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

CMOs Succeed By Telling The Story Of Business

Much has been written about the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Industry data suggests CMO tenure is short and becoming shorter. Some firms have experimented with eliminating the position or renaming it with terms like Chief Growth Officer and Chief Brand Officer. Academic studies offer mixed results about the value of the CMO. It is also clear that the way the CMO role is defined, like the marketing function itself, is different across...

How Marketers Can Help CFOs Succeed

Ask a Chief Marketing Officer about the challenges they confront in their organizations and the relationship with the CFO is frequently near the top of the list. The same conversation with the Chief Financial Officer usually includes frustration with marketing. Such tension is normal, and if managed well (hello, CEO) can by healthy and productive for the organization.

Managing And Growing Product Portfolios

Most firms, and the managers who operate them, seek to grow. Indeed, a review of most CEO letters associated with annual reports, finds growth to be one of the two most frequently identified objectives (the other is cash flow). Growth, or at least well-managed, profitable growth, is important for many reasons. It makes the firm more valuable to shareholders. It makes the firm a more exciting place to work, which makes it easier to hire...

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