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While “brand management” and “marketing” are often treated as synonyms, there is an important distinction between the two terms. Brand management has, for many, been historically focused on identity management but is now much more concerned with the active management of the market value and competitive strength of a brand as an (intangible) company asset. Marketing focuses on the activities associated with the promotion and distribution of products and services.
The Age Of The Sustainable Brand

There has been a lot in the news about “The Great Reset” when it comes to converting from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Brands should also consider another kind of “reset” … one that deals with marketing themselves as sustainable. There’s no doubt that a greater emphasis on sustainability is here to stay and will affect how business responds, especially when it comes to marketing themselves. But the right response is no longer whether your...

How Scarcity Wields Influence For Brands

Persuasion engages innate human responses. When used as an influence tactic, scarcity can change beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors due to actual or perceived pressure. Social psychologists have been especially interested in scarcity and influence because it can cause significant behavior changes and result in people making decisions they otherwise would not have made. Items have a greater appeal when their availability is limited or restricted.

How Too Few Choices Impact Brand Success

Recently, an article appeared in the journal Behavioral Scientist. The authors looked at choice. But, unlike the majority of choice studies that focus on choice overload (too many options), the authors focused on choice deprivation (too few options). The result of their study among 7,400 respondents across six categories and six countries was that “… choice deprivation, not choice overload, is the most common consumer experience…” and a more consequential problem.

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