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While “brand management” and “marketing” are often treated as synonyms, there is an important distinction between the two terms. Brand management has, for many, been historically focused on identity management but is now much more concerned with the active management of the market value and competitive strength of a brand as an (intangible) company asset. Marketing focuses on the activities associated with the promotion and distribution of products and services.
Achieving Global Brand Success

For a brand to succeed internationally, it usually needs to tailor its product and communications to local markets. If you browse the top ten programs on Netflix by country, you’ll see little overlap between the most popular content in the US and India, for example. Netflix excels at providing high-quality content and a great user experience, but the content it promotes varies by market.

How Brands Can Prepare For Population Decline

Recent data show that US fertility rates are dropping. US women are giving birth “at record low rates,” according to the CDC. Demographers’ current concern is the “replacement rate.” Replacement rate is the total fertility rate at which women give birth to enough babies to sustain population levels – that is, replace a generation. Replacement rate assumes that death rates remain constant and net migration is zero.

Preserving The Starbucks Brand

After Starbucks recent second quarter 2024 earnings call, founder and past three-time CEO Howard Schultz posted comments about his hand-picked successor’s strategy. Mr. Schultz reacted to statements made to analysts by Starbucks’ CEO, Laxman Narasimhan and CFO, Rachel Ruggeri, where both executives described Starbucks’ “underperformance.” Mr. Narasimhan and Ms. Ruggeri also handled analyst questions with an abruptness that seemed to leave a lot unsaid. Both Mr. Narasimhan and Ms. Ruggeri stated, however, that Starbucks is...

The Value Of Branding

A brand with strong mental connections and responses can charge a higher price for the same volume as a competitor. That higher price can be cashed in to deliver an improved margin for the business or reinvested in the brand for future success. Investments might include more money being spent on innovation or brand-building advertising.

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