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While “brand management” and “marketing” are often treated as synonyms, there is an important distinction between the two terms. Brand management has, for many, been historically focused on identity management but is now much more concerned with the active management of the market value and competitive strength of a brand as an (intangible) company asset. Marketing focuses on the activities associated with the promotion and distribution of products and services.
How Brands Can Counter Critics With Empathy

Current hot-button issues for consumers are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the overemployment of pesticides, and the overuse of antibiotics in dairy. There are haters. There are skeptics. And a recent study showed that people were willing to pay more for a product labeled “xxx- free,” even when xxx was a made-up ingredient. So when a company who manufactures pesticides came to us to help improve their reputation, we knew it was going to be no...

Brands: A Reflection Of Their Customers

Whether the role of brands in people’s lives is for the better or for the worse is a long-running debate. The most influential anti-brand voice of recent vintage is journalist and social provocateur Naomi Klein, who shot to fame on the cusp of the new century with her bestseller, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, in which she denounced global brands for distorting markets, culture, work and even consumerism itself.

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