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Most of us would agree there are four ways to strategize for brand growth: increase the share you hold in the markets you are strong in; develop new products for those markets; extend your reach by finding new markets for your current brands; and develop new products that cater to new markets.
Brands: A Reflection Of Their Customers

Whether the role of brands in people’s lives is for the better or for the worse is a long-running debate. The most influential anti-brand voice of recent vintage is journalist and social provocateur Naomi Klein, who shot to fame on the cusp of the new century with her bestseller, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, in which she denounced global brands for distorting markets, culture, work and even consumerism itself.

10 Books For Today’s CMO

Today on Branding Strategy Insider, we’re sharing ten of the most beneficial books for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). These titles hold significance due to their ability to help shape and guide how marketing leaders approach their role, from fundamental marketing principles to innovative growth strategies. We think you will find that each offers a great deal of actionable insights and is well worth your time.

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