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Lessons From Bud Light’s Brand Management Mistakes

Much has been written about the recent Bud Light influencer campaign, and more will be written over time. My colleagues at MASB make a compelling argument that the “boycott” in response to the campaign is unlike other boycotts and is likely to persist well into the future. They argue that brand preferences have changed in response to the campaign. Regardless of the specific product and advertising messages involved, there are several general lessons about the...

Managing Internal Risk Tolerances To Innovation

Anything perceived as new to an established organization system naturally feels risky. Large companies focus huge resources to operate with excellence, so while innovation teams are often pushing forward into new spaces, the rest of the organization that has to make those ideas come to life can be naturally and properly hesitant about going after anything that conflicts with their current expertise, knowledge base, or efficiency. It is the inherent bias to stick to what...

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