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Business strategy is an articulation of how your business intends to prosper. Its execution and the response to it determines success. We explore all angles on Branding Strategy Insider.
5 Brand Strategies For Responding To Change

Consumer tastes change; technology progressives, sometimes in highly disruptive ways; and competition evolves. In short, the world changes. One implication of such change is that products and services which may have once been successful become less so or even unnecessary and irrelevant. The challenge for businesses and their managers is how best to respond by modifying product offerings to effectively respond to such changes. Such responses can take five forms: reinvention, repositioning, rebranding, retrenching, or...

A Framework For A Clear Brand Purpose

Brands are born when someone has an idea for a product that they believe others will want to buy. There’s a reason for bringing the brand into the world – a clear purpose. Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, cofounders of Method cleaning products, believed that people would pay more for eco-friendly products if they were both stylish and helped clean up the planet. The rapid growth of their brand proves they were right.

Achieving Global Brand Success

For a brand to succeed internationally, it usually needs to tailor its product and communications to local markets. If you browse the top ten programs on Netflix by country, you’ll see little overlap between the most popular content in the US and India, for example. Netflix excels at providing high-quality content and a great user experience, but the content it promotes varies by market.

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