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The most successful brand research studies the habits of people who use your competitors and point to ways to affect their environment to get them to think about your brand as a choice. Most brand research does not consider this. The focus is on studying people’s actions and reactions, not habits. Explore the latest brand research techniques on Branding Strategy Insider.
Managing Internal Risk Tolerances To Innovation

Anything perceived as new to an established organization system naturally feels risky. Large companies focus huge resources to operate with excellence, so while innovation teams are often pushing forward into new spaces, the rest of the organization that has to make those ideas come to life can be naturally and properly hesitant about going after anything that conflicts with their current expertise, knowledge base, or efficiency. It is the inherent bias to stick to what...

How To Reveal Customer Motivations

Claudia Kotchka played a key role in figuring out what parents (mostly mothers) want from their children’s diapers. She was in charge of P&G’s design, tasked with bringing new innovation tools and techniques into the company. But it was incredibly difficult to get marketing on board because the experiences reported by her consumers didn’t match up with what marketing thought were the important parts of selling diapers. It was only when IDEO came on and...

Why Leading Brands Embrace Market Segmentation

AB InBev is the owner of over 500 drinks brands including national beers (Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona Extra) canned cocktails, craft beers, energy drinks, etc.. In an interview for The Wall Street Journal’s C-Suite Strategies section, the CMO of AB InBev discussed the changes in the Group’s brand marketing. One significant change is the focus on occasion-based segmentation.

7 Keys To Managing Your Value Chain

One of the more important strategic choices for a business is how it will organize itself and go about delivering value to its customers. Few firms have the capacity to be fully integrated and take responsibility for creating and delivering the entire product or service they sell. Even if a firm could do so, complete integration is rarely an optimal financial strategy.

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