For more than fifteen years, Branding Strategy Insider has been recognized by brand marketers and educators all over the world as the leading source of insight, inspiration and innovation, uncovering the ideas and techniques of the thought leaders and practitioners driving brand leadership today. Readers gain key insights into the critical areas, tools and techniques shaping brand management. Including brand strategy, brand storytelling, brand culture, brand architecture, big data, brand marketing, brand equity, brand research, brand growth, pricing strategy, brand licensing, building emotional connections and customer experience. Our goal is clear; help marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. This is why tens of thousands of brand builders subscribe to Branding Strategy Insider.

Branding Strategy Insider is published by The Blake Project, an independently owned, strategic brand consultancy with extensive experience helping brands build emotional, distinctive and connective advantages. With proven proprietary tools and techniques we help brands break through, moving them from brand awareness to brand insistence – where there are no substitutes.

Our most important asset is our people; world-renowned senior consultants, researchers and educators with expertise from leading consumer packaged goods companies, global brands, global advertising agencies and top tier universities.

Core Competencies

Brand Research: Our BrandInsistence model incorporates the five elements that drive a customer to insist upon a particular brand to meet his or her needs – brand awareness, accessibility, value, relevant differentiation and emotional connection. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research through the lens of this model to give brands the advantage they seek. We also offer the industry’s most advanced emotional connection measurement technology, chosen by nine of the world’s top ten advertisers.

Brand Strategy: We offer a range of high impact workshops designed to achieve stakeholder consensus on issues or decisions that result in strategic advantage. Our process includes rigorous facilitation, educational components and brand management expertise combine to reach desired outcomes. In The Brand Positioning Workshop (one-day and two-day version), we work with you to develop your brand’s essence, promise, personality and archetype to achieve relevant differentiation and flexibility for future growth. We also offer Brand ArchitectureBrand Storytelling Strategy Workshop, Inside-Out BrandingCustomer Touch Point DesignBrand Strategy for StartupsMission, Vision and ValuesBrand Values Alignment, Brand Licensing, Brand Positioning Strategy Co-Creation, Customer Experience Co-Creation, New Product/Brand Ideation and Emotional Connection Workshops.

Brand Licensing: We strategically link brands with manufacturers through our proprietary inbound and outbound licensing process. We help brands extend into the right markets for growth while maintaining the integrity of the brand promise. Our global brand licensing experts manage the entire program or educate and provide your team with the required management tools. Our Brand Licensing Audits help anchor your program in clarity and confidence.

Brand Education: We help marketers better understand and activate the most important concepts in brand management. We meet your team’s specific learning objectives through custom designed, interactive brand education workshops delivered internally around the globe. We are experts in instructional design and facilitation in learning environments. We also host The Un-Conference, marketing’s only problem solving event, and offer Mini MBA’s in Marketing and Brand Management delivered by renowned professor Mark Ritson.

We are driven by these beliefs:

• Strong brands make promises to their target customers. Those promises are unique, compelling and believable. Further, strong brands consistently deliver on the promises that they make at each point of customer contact.

• Strong brand promises require target customer insight that is gained primarily through comprehensive market research.

• Stakeholder alignment is critical to the success of any brand strategy project.

• Organizations must understand what their brands stand for and stand against and what makes them unique and compelling to their target audiences. That is why we believe in comprehensive internal training.

The Blake Project Difference

  • Our BrandInsistence model drives a proven process that propels brands to the front
  • We are experts in helping brands make strong emotional connections with their customers
  • We are experts in building relevant differentiation, elevating brands above the competition
  • We are practitioners and educators of brand management. We prepare our clients for the journey ahead

Above all our clients turn to us for these specific outcomes: clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of their brands. Contact us. We’re ready to help.

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