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Branding is the art of sacrifice. It is a relentless commitment to stand for unique and meaningful value to those most important to your future.
Brands As Business Models

As a professor of business and management consultant I find myself in a variety of organizations. One of the questions I often ask both senior managers and line personnel is how their organization makes money. Another way to ask the question is to ask for a description of the firm’s business model. In many organizations the answers are a best superficial. In the worst cases the answers are misleading. The answers frequently take the form...

The Age Of The Sustainable Brand

There has been a lot in the news about “The Great Reset” when it comes to converting from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Brands should also consider another kind of “reset” … one that deals with marketing themselves as sustainable. There’s no doubt that a greater emphasis on sustainability is here to stay and will affect how business responds, especially when it comes to marketing themselves. But the right response is no longer whether your...

How To Balance Innovation And Cost Cutting

With both inflation and recession fears high, many companies are embarking on cost-reduction initiatives. Moreover, the dislocations of the pandemic have changed many customer needs and buying patterns. So much flux may be unnerving but actually creates opportunity for firms to alter business models in ways that both reduce expenses and keep customers delighted. This is a time to look beyond the typical business reaction and use the uncertainty as an advantage.

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