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While “brand management” and “marketing” are often treated as synonyms, there is an important distinction between the two terms. Brand management has, for many, been historically focused on identity management but is now much more concerned with the active management of the market value and competitive strength of a brand as an (intangible) company asset. Marketing focuses on the activities associated with the promotion and distribution of products and services.
10 Books For Today’s CMO

Today on Branding Strategy Insider, we’re sharing ten of the most beneficial books for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). These titles hold significance due to their ability to help shape and guide how marketing leaders approach their role, from fundamental marketing principles to innovative growth strategies. We think you will find that each offers a great deal of actionable insights and is well worth your time.

How Marketers Can Help CFOs Succeed

Ask a Chief Marketing Officer about the challenges they confront in their organizations and the relationship with the CFO is frequently near the top of the list. The same conversation with the Chief Financial Officer usually includes frustration with marketing. Such tension is normal, and if managed well (hello, CEO) can by healthy and productive for the organization.

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