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A powerful brand purpose sets out how a company intends to change the world for the better. Its role is to unite customers and culture alike in the pursuit of that intention. It’s a statement of belief, of hope, of pursuit. Branding Strategy Insider explores the best practices in defining an effective brand purpose.
A Framework For A Clear Brand Purpose

Brands are born when someone has an idea for a product that they believe others will want to buy. There’s a reason for bringing the brand into the world – a clear purpose. Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, cofounders of Method cleaning products, believed that people would pay more for eco-friendly products if they were both stylish and helped clean up the planet. The rapid growth of their brand proves they were right.

The Difference Between Purpose And Value Proposition

Brand “purpose” has been all the rage in recent years. The notion of brand purpose rests on the assumption that a brand, product, or company should stand for something more important than just the functional benefits it delivers. A purpose is the reason a product or company exists and what it stands for beyond the usual business goals and objectives, such as making a profit. It is a noble statement of how the product or...

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