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Recessions are the mother of effective recession marketing strategies. With sound brand strategy, marketers can change their fortunes. Explore a depth of recession marketing insight on Branding Strategy Insider.
7 Keys To Marketing Under Economic Adversity

In October of 1980, The Conference Board (the business and economics organization focused on corporate governance, HR, business ethics, global corporate citizenship, and corporate performance) held a conference titled “Marketing Under Economic Adversity.” The title is apt for today as we are experiencing the highest inflation inn 41 years, at 9.1% in June 2022. We are also experiencing product shortages, population declines, declining consumer sentiment and are expecting recession. Google is limiting hiring. Microsoft is...

5 Ways Brands Can Stay Competitive In A Recession

Economic volatility and uncertainty have become the order of the day. Some forecasters are using the “R” word (recession). Business is always difficult. In good times firms scramble to add capacity and meet demand while fending off the competition that is inevitably attracted to a robust and growing market. In bad times firms struggle to control costs and to encourage often reluctant customers to buy, while retaining enough personnel and resources to respond quickly when...

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