Chris Wren, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

The Shift In Shaping Brand Perceptions

We live in a world of the frame. Especially with over half the world’s countries coming out of a multi-month lockdown, our experiences are limited, contained within the frame. We don’t read about them, we only see them. The thing about the frame is, viewers only see what’s inside the frame. There’s no way of knowing what’s outside the frame, what came before or why the frame is composed the way it is.

Are You Building A Brand Of Contradictions?

As brands continue to try and navigate a world of awakening and change, its clear they are on a learning journey. With plenty of opportunities to learn, from women’s rights, climate change, homelessness, immigration, and now racial equality. It’s impossible to be against any of these issues. So why do brands feel the need to state the obvious?

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