Brands Need A Unique Feelings Proposition

Chris WrenMarch 2, 20182 min

Recently I came upon an article by Tom Asacker called “The Marketplace Theory of Everything.” Citing a problem of abundance of information technology and ideas, he said “this wealth of opportunity has resulted in too many ideas chasing too few, very well-informed and overloaded customers.”

We need a new value equation.

Ever since I can remember, marketing has focused on the USP, the unique selling proposition, and the product’s/service’s features and benefits. This is a traditional theory and applies to a rational, analytical view of value. In an oversupplied market with more, and often conflicting information, rational decision making becomes myth. Instead of a USP, try a UFP – a Unique Feelings Proposition.

What do we mean by feelings? To make it simple, feelings refers to a very specific quality: Pleasantness, unpleasantness or neutrality in an experience. Desire stems from pleasant experiences: ease of use, fun, reward, increased self-esteem. Aversion stems from unpleasant experiences: effort required, pain, decreased self esteem. Neutral feelings are forgetful.

The goal should be, at all points of interaction with the customer, increase positive feelings, and decrease negative ones. It sounds so simple. Start paying attention to what people do (which is the best indication of how they feel), not so much to what they say.

The more choices there are and the more complex life becomes, the more people make decisions that “feel” right to them, and not on an objective truth.

In Opportunity Screams, Asacker writes:

Great success is the product of a great passion, a passion for sweating the small stuff and adding value to every product, every service and every interaction. Value delivered – value that causes people to become interested in an idea and feel proud about their decisions – is the meaning and purpose of any successful idea.

How is your brand performing in the economy of feelings?

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