Paul Friederichsen, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

The Age Of The Sustainable Brand

There has been a lot in the news about “The Great Reset” when it comes to converting from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Brands should also consider another kind of “reset” … one that deals with marketing themselves as sustainable. There’s no doubt that a greater emphasis on sustainability is here to stay and will affect how business responds, especially when it comes to marketing themselves. But the right response is no longer whether your...

Successful Brand Management Requires Context

Very often marketers are called upon by clients or fellow business stakeholders to solve complex issues or chart new paths with new products or markets. In these cases there is a natural tendency to immediately immerse oneself into the numbers and assorted details pertaining to the objective, as if the answer is hiding in plain sight on column G, row four of the spreadsheet in front of you. The numbers and analysis when determining a...

Will Your Brand Pass The Empathy Test?

A few years ago here on Branding Strategy Insider, I wrote a piece on empathy, observing the importance of this characteristic in connecting brands with their customers. Empathy validates the feelings, concerns, aspirations and fears someone has, and says, “I understand.” This is not only reassuring but adds relevance to the relationship, as in “we (customer and brand) are together in this.”

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