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Will Your Brand Pass The Empathy Test?

A few years ago here on Branding Strategy Insider, I wrote a piece on empathy, observing the importance of this characteristic in connecting brands with their customers. Empathy validates the feelings, concerns, aspirations and fears someone has, and says, “I understand.” This is not only reassuring but adds relevance to the relationship, as in “we (customer and brand) are together in this.”

Guide To LGBTQ Brand Marketing

Here on Branding Strategy Insider, we’ve discussed the value of demographics in brand strategy many times. For instance, in Mark Ritson’s article “The Everlasting Value of Demographics,” he states, “… using demographics as part of a broader approach to behavioral segmentation and targeting remains a valuable activity for many marketers and brands.” And in “Brand Growth and Changing Demographics,” Walker Smith compared Millennials to retirees and observed the surprising value of the “silver economy” as...

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