Two Moments Every Brand Needs To Win

Ed BurghardApril 20, 20221 min

In 1986 Jan Carlzon, the former President of Scandinavian Airlines, wrote a book titled Moments of Truth. The core principle presented in the book was that every decision is a process. A process made up of many moments where your product must be judged as a better option than the competition. But, Carlzon also noted that not all moments are created equal. There are a few moments you absolutely need to win or your product will be eliminated from consideration. These are the moments you must identify and focus on winning.

For each moment of truth, there are either excuses or results.

While I was at P&G, President and CEO A.G. Lafley applied Carlzon’s model with great success. Lafley concentrated the P&G Marketing Organization’s focus on winning two mission critical Moments of Truth. Lafley. defined the First Moment of Truth as the moment when the consumer is looking at the store shelf and trying to decide which product to purchase. He concluded the Second Moment of Truth occurred when the product was used at home. By simplifying a highly complex decision process, and focusing our attention on winning the most critical moments of the consumer purchase decision, Lafley was able to lead P&G into a period of exceptional, accelerated business growth.

Contributed to Branding Strategy Insider by: Ed Burghard and excerpted from his book Building Brands: What Really Matters

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