The Brand Growth Strategy Workshop

Derrick DayeDecember 17, 20184 min

As long as the dominant metric for defining a strong business is growth, its management will be a key focus for the C-Suite. From conversations around CAGR (compound annual growth rate) that informs how brands plan and analysts predict to discussions over SAGR (sustainable annual growth rate) or even RAGR (responsible annual growth rate).

Most will agree that there are four ways to strategize for growth: increase the share you hold in the markets you are strong in; develop new products for those markets; extend your reach by finding new markets for your current brands; and develop new products that cater to new markets.

However, knowing the ways to grow and growing are two different things. Navigating a responsible course between stretch and over-reach requires more than strategic intent, it requires commitment and now, flexibility.

Growth Through Flexibility

Business performance today is less defined by absolute size and more by the speed and agility of it to react and act which only comes from clarity of purpose, strategic insight and decisive actions.

The reason flexibility is becoming a stronger priority is because the ability to respond is more important than the ability to just keep growing.

Especially as more and more factors come into play. Today’s brands increasingly need to balance momentum with dexterity. The threats are no longer confined to shifts in competitor behavior. Increasingly they are unforeseen changes in expectation, concern, emphasis or morality.

The Brand Growth Strategy Workshop

In the Brand Growth Strategy Workshop, experts from The Blake Project employ first hand experience from helping numerous brands in all stages of development grow as well as multiple proprietary frameworks and models to decipher ideal growth trajectories.

Realizing growth potential starts by understanding how your brand has grown in the past and what challenges it faces for future growth. Having ambitious goals for the future is good, but proving them to be attainable is critical. To achieve the clarity and confidence necessary, we use insights driven hypothesis and correlations between enterprise goals to arrive at strategically viable decisions.

The Brand Growth Strategy Workshop helps leadership and brand teams create a wider horizon, refine goals and prioritize sources of value. To that end we include a series of highly facilitated, consensus-building team exercises that focus on:

  • Defining growth and its alignment with your brand’s vision, mission, purpose.
  • Identifying and analyzing the brand’s current target audience, economic viability, competitive landscape and industry dynamics.
  • Identifying distinctive capability advantages.
  • Assessing the brand’s historic growth patterns. What you do best vs. What you don’t.
  • Analyzing current trends and disruptions impacting the supply chain and how they can be exploited by the brand.
  • Defining the brand’s flexible future state with corporate goals and building scenarios.
  • Analyzing organizational design and its feasibility to achieve the future state.

With multiple, real-world growth strategy examples as guides, our approach is driven by an honest analysis of your brand and business that questions assumptions and takes participants on searching journeys to arrive at new and optimistic decisions about your competitive future.

The Brand Growth Strategy Workshop is one full day with the senior leadership or brand team and is delivered ONLINE and around the world at the location of your choosing. The Blake Project requires 7-10 days to plan and build the workshop.

The deliverable is a comprehensive decision document that incorporates the following essential elements: Brand Growth Plan, Prioritized Goals and Key Performance Indicators for measurement.

The outcomes of The Blake Project’s Brand Growth Strategy Workshop prove vital for startup, emerging, regional, national and global B2C and B2B brands in:

  • Providing a flexible and sustainable direction for growth
  • Guiding products and services life-cycle
  • Prioritizing resources and obtaining higher returns
  • Providing efficient economics within the portfolio
  • Navigating from where your brand is now to where it must go
  • Defining future performance goals and how they are integrated
  • Responding to competitive threats and market disruption
  • Guiding internal and external investment decisions (M&A, JV’s, Alliances)
  • Identifying deeply profitable strategies for growth.
  • Gaining clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of your brand’s growth

The Right Answers Require The Right Questions

What level of growth are you going to commit to that enables your brand to grow at a realistic pace, retains the customers you have, introduces new advocates to your brand community and continues to safeguard and enhance your brand’s immediate and long term reputation?

Our work together in The Brand Growth Strategy Workshop will lead us to these answers and a bigger future for your brand.

Please email me, Derrick Daye for more. I can also be reached directly at 813-842-2260 in Los Angeles, California.

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