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Derrick DayeJanuary 2, 20183 min

At The Blake Project we believe that a key component to a brand’s success lies in forging a rich culture/ecosystem/community that people feel they belong to and that they actively advocate to others.

Powerful brand cultures are built from the interaction of a range of elements:

  • A strong sense of purpose, emanating from your mission, vision and values, that helps you build brand equity by enabling your brand to stand for an idea that people want to celebrate every day
  • Clear storylines that give the brand a unified sense of direction, but that can also be segmented by audience
  • Experiences that bring people together and enable them to share being part of the community

Today brands cannot expect to simply market products and services. And a culture cannot simply expect to service that market and the brand’s customers. A brand, its culture and its customers now not only need to concur on a distinctive belief system, but also to interact and build trust and loyalty as a community on that basis.

Through this lens The Blake Project’s Brand Culture Workshop offers opportunities to arrive at actionable decisions on building the powerful brand culture you desire. We will help you identify and implement the internal changes needed to establish a new understanding of your brand that you can use to propel effective change from the inside-out.

By the end of one full day together we will make actionable decisions in four key areas:

  1. How we will make the strategic shift from what your brand is today to what it will become internally and what the implications of that are for how you work
  2. How we will use your brand values to make that change and encourage people in order to underpin the brand’s competitive advantage
  3. Building and activating the internal story, one where the narrative comes alive for your people in ways they can truly own
  4. How we will encourage and reward your people to live the brand promise and strengthen bonds with your customers via experiences (celebration, acknowledgement, recognition)

This workshop is highly interactive and will include group exercises designed to bring leadership teams to consensus on these four areas, as well as brand education on building high performing brand cultures and best practices for inside-out branding today.


The output of the workshop is:

  • A comprehensive summary of specific recommendations to help you build a powerful sense of your brand from the inside out

Participants:  Ideally, 6-12 brand team participants. We recommend that your human resource team attend this day along with the leadership team, general managers and sales and marketing executives.

Timeframe: One-day workshop. Preparation will take The Blake Project 2 weeks.

Outcomes: The outcomes of The Blake Project’s Brand Culture Workshop prove vital for startup, emerging, regional, national and global B2C, B2B and Not-For-Profit brands in gaining clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of brand culture building efforts.

Driving Change Throughout The Culture

By involving everyone at every level of the organization, inspiring them about what the future can hold, teaching them what they can do and then energizing them to pursue goals, we bring about change across cultures that is real, lasting and relevant. Change works when people see why it’s happening and how it works for them. Our programs do that, and because they always involve senior leaders, the changes we make in a culture move in sync with shifts in the business, so that strategy and culture are working together and not at odds with one another.

Please email me, Derrick Daye for more about how this strategic workshop can help you release the full potential of your brand. (NOW DELIVERED ONLINE)

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