Dan Dimmock, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

4 Ways CEOs Can Activate A Higher Purpose

Having a higher purpose connects your mission to your vision, serves collective well-being, and goes beyond just making money. It’s a reason for being that inspires and motivates employees, customers, and all stakeholders to invest in you. A higher purpose provides a competitive advantage and helps you create passionate brand believers. Most importantly, when implemented correctly, a higher purpose connects your incredible work to measurable social and environmental impact.

Preventing Big Brands From Destroying The Planet

Despite expected whistleblowing and endless data scandals, the speed technology continues to impact our everyday lives shows how much we’re prepared to invest in this era of uncertainty. Yet, despite ‘brandscapes’ often appearing fickle and callow, there are many good reasons to believe startups will make the difference we need in the world. The decent ones, at least.

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