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Derrick DayeNovember 21, 20172 min

Content has never been more important, and yet many brands that engage with customers across multiple channels say they don’t have a documented content strategy that aligns their content initiatives with the fundamentals of their brand.

This multi-disciplinary, interactive workshop for one client brand brings creators, editors and potentially communications agencies together in a one-day ONLINE intensive, facilitated by members of The Blake Project, to create the template for how all the content elements will forge a new and powerful understanding of the brand and its relevance for consumers.

The Content Strategy Workshop gets results because it tasks those involved in creating, managing, distributing and measuring content with strategizing how to change the relationship that customers have with the brand through content in order for the company to better meet its business objectives.

Working together, subject matter experts join forces to link the business needs, buying journey, customer needs and content in ways that build brand equity and deliver real value for customers and prospects. Over two high-impact days, the team maps:

  • Persona-based content needs analysis for the full customer base, including common points of interest and areas of divergence, assessed across all stages of the customer journey
  • The key objectives for content against the brand DNA and strategy
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the current content development and distribution approach
  • Current engagement points and their effectiveness, including linking content to sales nurturing program to accelerate engagement and purchase
  • How and where content should add value within the customer experience journey
  • The editorial architecture for the brand, including influencer strategy and community building
  • Specific content mapping
  • Documenting your integrated marketing strategy
  • Measurement frameworks


  • Shared buy-in and agreement across all participants on the future content direction of the brand and how they will come to life in broad storylines over the medium term.
  • A clear plan for bringing content to life in an integrated way that builds the brand’s value proposition in the marketplace.
  • Content that continues to fascinate and engage key audiences.

Ideal For:  Brands looking to broaden their content presence in order to better inform and involve consumers.

Participants:  Ideally, 6-12 brand team participants and up to six representatives from outside agencies.

Timeframe: One-day workshop. Preparation will take 1-3 weeks, depending on how much pre-work you wish participants to do.

Outcomes: A clear view of how all of your content will work together going forward to build a deeper and more valued understanding of the brand in order to increase sales and ROI.

Context: This Content Strategy Workshop builds on the learnings from our Vision, Mission and Values, Brand Positioning, Brand Storytelling and Customer Experience workshops.

If you are looking to get the greatest value out of your time together, we recommend bundling this Content Strategy workshop with our Brand Voice workshop so that everyone involved in developing content understands how to stay on-brand with everything they write.

Please email me, Derrick Daye for more about how this strategic workshop can help you release the full potential of your brand.

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