Disruptive Brand Strategy Workshop

Derrick DayeFebruary 2, 20172 min

If your customer can live without you, eventually they will. One statistic offers all of the evidence needed to support this somber fact: eighty-nine percent of the companies that were in the Fortune 500 sixty years ago are now gone.

In the Disruptive Brand Strategy Workshop experts from The Blake Project help brands in critical moments of change define and analyze disruptive issues, identify and map opportunities and build the strategic infrastructure necessary to help create the future they seek.

In this full strategic day customized for one client brand, we begin by sharing the new context in which brands must compete and the requirements for brand relevance in an age of disruption.

A series of highly facilitated, consensus-building team exercises follow where we will focus on:

  • Identifying, analyzing and selecting the brand’s target audiences, competitive frame of reference and key customer benefits (functional, emotional, experiential and self-expressive).
  • Assessing the brand’s internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Developing and or refining the brand’s unique value proposition. Ensuring that your brand is differentiated in its marketplace, has chosen the most powerful benefits to own and that it has developed the proof points and “reasons to believe” for those benefits.
  • Defining the brand’s future state and its path to relevance.

This workshop is highly interactive and designed to question assumptions, taking participants on searching journeys to arrive at new and optimistic decisions about their competitive future.

The Blake Project will provide specific behavioral data and trend forecast data on your brand to help inform the process.

The Disruptive Brand Strategy Workshop is delivered ONLINE and around the world at the location of your choosing and is designed for 8-15 key stakeholders.

The deliverable is a decision document that incorporates the following essential elements: target customer, SWOT analysis, unique value proposition and future state.

The outcomes of The Blake Project’s Disruptive Brand Strategy Workshop prove vital for startup, emerging, regional, national and global B2C and B2B brands in:

  • Extending or creating relevance
  • Navigating from where your brand is now to where it must go
  • Understanding the new normal
  • Gaining clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of your brand
  • Responding to competitive threats and market disruption
  • Shaping perceptions that the value of your products or services are high and unique
  • Gaining stakeholder consensus on what the brand stands for today and its future state
  • Anchoring the brand culture with one ‘ownable’ point of difference
  • Defining and articulating competitive value
  • Guiding internal and external communications in staying on brand

The Disruptive Brand Strategy Workshop is co-led by Geoff Colon and Derrick Daye

Please email me for more about how this strategic workshop can help your brand see, understand and navigate the disruptive forces ahead.

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