The Brand Architecture Workshop

Derrick DayeJanuary 7, 20132 min

Organizations often find themselves at a stage in their development in which the number of brands and named products that they are managing has gotten out of control.

This could be due to a series of mergers and acquisitions or just the continuous growth of new products and services over time. These organizations find that their portfolios of brands and other named entities have gotten too difficult or expensive to manage. Frequently, there are no naming standards. Each new product or service is named as it is created, with no view to the overall picture. And sometimes, employees are creating variations or new versions of existing brands for entities and programs such as internal training programs, company picnics or employee reward programs.

If some or all of this applies to your organization, you likely need help clarifying and simplifying your branding structure. The Blake Project can help. Our brand architecture workshop has been validated by a wide range of organizations and results in the following advantages:

  • Significantly lower marketing costs
  • Brand naming clarity
  • Ability to build brand awareness more quickly and efficiently
  • Better (and more comprehensive) customer understanding of your product and service offerings, including decreased product confusion
  • Increased flexibility for future brand extensions

In this full-day strategy workshop, we will help you:

  • Map out your current brand architecture
  • Identify brand architecture-related issues
  • Develop your brand architecture strategy as it relates to your overall business and marketing strategies
  • Create a simplified architecture based on customer input and sound brand management practices
  • Identify the ideal number of brands and how they should each relate to one another
  • Test the new architecture against all current and potential uses, including all marketing vehicles and communications applications
  • Establish naming conventions for all future named entities, including decision rules for when it is appropriate to create new brands and how they should relate to the current brands
  • Gain consensus among the brands key stakeholders on the each strategic decision
  • Set up an ongoing brand architecture management process
  • Educate stakeholders on the best practices in brand architecture
  • Gain clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of your brands

The brand architecture workshop will educate, inform and help determine how many brands there should be and how they should relate to one another. We will also determine what sub-brands or individual brands should exist and how they should relate to the primary brand(s).

We conduct this as a full-day consensus-building workshop with the appropriate organizational stakeholders at the location of your choosing.

The Blake Project has helped many organizations overcome complex brand architecture challenges and gain the logical, strategic and relational structure for their brands.

Email us for more about how The Blake Project’s brand architecture workshop can benefit your brand.

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