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By definition brand architecture is the logical, strategic and relational structure for your brands or put another way, it is the entity’s “family tree” of brands, sub-brands and named products. Two shorthand terms are often used to describe how an organization manages its brand architecture: 1. “Branded house” implies that most or all products and services provided by that organization primarily bear the organization’s brand name. FedEx, Google, Coca-Cola and Virgin for example. 2. “House of brands” implies that the organization’s products and services bear a wide variety of brand names as opposed to the organization’s brand name. The Kraft Heinz Company, General Motors, Pepsico and Procter & Gamble for example.
Creating And Managing Brand Portfolios

Many marketers seek to obtain financial benefits from their brands by using the awareness, attitudes, affection, and loyalty associated with these brands by “extending” the brand to new and different products and product categories. Procter and Gamble used its Tide brand, which was associated for many years with a single powdered detergent, to expand into an array of more than 60 related cleaning products, including specialty powdered products, liquid detergents, antibacterial fabric spray, and instant...

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