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A thriving brand culture reflects a commitment to continuously strengthen the brand and deliver on its promises from the inside out.
Employees Are Central To Leadership Marketing

There is another piece of news coming out of Silicon Valley aside from the banking debacle. And, that is Meta’s “year of efficiency” planning. Apparently, Meta’s leader, Mark Zuckerberg, has just discovered the benefits of financial discipline and operational excellence. In his recent memo to Meta employees, Mr. Zuckerberg indicated that this year will require a flatter and leaner organization. These principles are not new. Many enterprises have jiggered with organizational structures and more disciplined...

Brand Strategy For Small Business

It’s never too early to start thinking about your brand strategy. Look at the stats: eight out 10 of new businesses fail not because they don’t have great products, but because small and medium-sized business owners held off on “marketing” or “branding” as foreign to their success. “Wait until we get our product right,” they tell themselves. (Insurance firm Embroker reports the fail rate at nine out of ten.)

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