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Great Moments In Branding: Neil McElroy Memo

After its successes with Ivory and Crisco, P&G developed a new business technique called “brand management.” Because it focused attention on a product rather than a business function, brand management turned out to be similar in its effects to the multi-divisional structure introduced by Alfred Sloan at General Motors. And it had the same powerful tendency to decentralize decision making.

Great Moments in Naming: Twitter

Interviewed by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times, Isaac (“Biz”) Stone, the co-inventor of Twitter, explained the name this way:  “We had a lot of words like “Jitter” and things that reflected a hyper-nervousness. Somebody threw “Twitter” in the hat. I thought, “Oh, that’s the short trivial bursts of information that birds do.” Discover more on naming brands here. The Blake Project Can Help: The Brand Positioning Workshop Branding Strategy Insider is a service...

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