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Marketers often talk about being a brand leader as if it is one thing. But there are many different ways that a brand can distinguish itself in a marketplace.
Brand Leadership Has A Courage Requirement

Many times, brand-businesses have insights about the future but do not find the courage to act on these insights. Lack of courage occurs for a number of reasons. Costs, fear of failure, complacency, the comfort of manufacturing what the business knows how to make rather than what solves customers’ problems, a chief of manufacturing who says, “Not on my line” or a siloed organization: all tend to collapse courage and get in the way of...

The Perils Of Not Articulating A Clear Vision

It just took three years before Ford’s CEO Jim Hackett retired. In May 2017, Ford hired him to be CEO. Mr. Hackett had been CEO of Steelcase, the office furniture company. While at Steelcase, he joined Ford’s Board of Directors and oversaw Ford’s Smart Mobility unit. When Ford was starting to slide, Bill Ford, executive chairman and family scion, picked Mr. Hackett to take over as CEO from Mark Fields.

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