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Most of us would agree there are four ways to strategize for brand growth: increase the share you hold in the markets you are strong in; develop new products for those markets; extend your reach by finding new markets for your current brands; and develop new products that cater to new markets.
The Essential Drivers Of Brand Growth

Growing your brand is a key objective of marketing managers, as strong brands make your company more money, faster and with less risk. They also help you attract the best employees, give you the best deals with channel partners and get the attention of financial investors. But how should you go about growing your brand?

How Thought Leadership Drives Growth

I’ve spent the past few days contacting experienced marketing professionals in the professional services industries to ask how they measured the value of thought leadership to their firm’s financial performance and I heard an extraordinary number of tactical responses that covered web metrics (e.g. page views), social media (e.g. sentiment analysis), mindshare (e.g. media mentions), sales (e.g. CRM metrics counting client meetings, usage in proposals, etc.) and loads of anecdotal evidence (e.g. stories about clients...

10 Requirements For Driving Brand Growth

Before I go any further, I must make an important distinction. This article concerns driving a brand’s growth within an existing category. As such, it is likely to return less growth than launching a brand into a country with a fast-growing economy or extending an existing brand into a completely new category. However, most marketers still need to fight for market share and to do so successfully should bear these ten actions in mind.

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