5 Rules For Creating Memorable Brand Experiences

Shaun SmithApril 8, 20162 min

There are five simple rules for creating a memorable customer experience. Using hotels as the context, think about how you can strengthen your brand touchpoints and give customers experiences they will never forget.

There are five simple rules for creating memorable customer experiences they will never forget.

1. Finish Strong
Finish on a high – do something unexpected at the end of the experience, for example, a small gift given at the point of checkout. This helps to create a positive moment at the very point you are asking the customer to part with their cash.

2. Get Bad Experiences Over With Early
If customers have to do something onerous, get it out of the way as quickly as possible. In the case of hotels, pre-register guests online so that their first experience of the hotel is not one of lining up at the front desk and filling in a registration form with exactly the same information they provided when they booked or stayed last time.

3. Segment Pleasure, Combine The Pain
Spread the pleasure along the touch-line. So provide those little touches of fresh cookies served with coffee, cold face towels on the beach etc. They cost very little but create “spikes” of pleasure. Combine the “pain” by bundling internet and other facility charges into the room rate so that you experience them in one step rather than every time you wish to use them.

4. Build Customer Commitment Through Choice
Give guests full information about your charges (such as water sports) on your website so they are transparent and expected. Guests can then make informed choices about the package they need and, most importantly, will not be surprised by them.

5. Stick To Rituals
Create on-brand rituals that customers associate with their stay with you. For example, a trait of the Banyan Tree Resorts is to leave a little locally made, handcrafted gift as part of the turn-down service rather than the ubiquitous chocolate. Not only does this create a little moment of surprise but also serves to highlight their support for the local community and the environment.

Excerpted in part from: On Purpose: Delivering A Branded Customer Experience People Love by Shaun Smith & Andy Milligan, in partnership with Kogan Page publishing.

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