1 Minute Brand Positioning Self Analysis

Derrick DayeOctober 26, 20101 min

As a marketer striving to build a winning brand in a sea of competition, your chances for success are greatly increased if:

1. You have profound insight into your consumer’s values and motivations.

2. You fully understand the following for all the categories in which your brand operates: (a) the different market segments, (b) the competitive set, and (c) which consumer benefits are “cost-of-entry“ versus “differentiating“.

3. You fully understand the decision making process (rational or not) the consumer uses to purchase your brand.

4. You defined the role, target consumer, essence, promise, archetype and personality for your brand and are certain every key stakeholder is united around each.

5. You have absolute clarity around what your brand stands for (and what it stands against) as well as how it is unique and compelling to consumers.

6. You have criteria to help you decide when you can use an existing brand, when a completely new brand is needed and when a sub-brand is the right choice.

7. You have a strategy for building the brand from the inside out, ensuring all employees understand the brand promise and know how to bring it to life.

8. You ensure the brand’s positioning is the lens used for making all decisions, from growth strategy to customer experience strategy to new employees to new products and services.

The success of your brand depends on many things…but mostly on you.

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