5 Drivers Of Brand Insistence

Derrick DayeOctober 25, 20102 min

We believe that the ultimate goal of brand equity building is to move the consumer from brand awareness to brand insistence.

The Blake Project’s brand insistence model incorporates five elements that drive a consumer to insist upon a particular brand to meet his or her needs – brand awareness, accessibility, value, relevant differentiation, and emotional connection. We believe that these five areas of emphasis and activity are the primary drivers of consumer brand insistence, critical in becoming a category-of-one-brand where there are No Substitutes.


First, consumers must be aware that there are different brands in the product categories in which your brand operates. Next, they must be aware of your brand. Ideally, your brand should be the first one that comes to their minds within specific product categories and associated with key consumer benefits. Consumers should be able to identify which products and services your brand offers. They should also be able to identify which benefits are associated with the brand. Finally, they should have some idea of where your brand is sold.


Your brand must be available where consumers shop. it’s much easier for consumers to insist upon your brand if it is widely available. Slight brand preference goes a long way toward insistence when the brand is widely available. The importance of convenience cannot be underestimated in today’s world.


Does your brand deliver a good value for the price? Do consumers believe it is worth the price? Regardless of whether it is expensive or inexpensive, high end or low end, it must deliver at least a good value.

Relevant Differentiation

This is the most important thing a brand can deliver. Relevant differentiation today is a leading-edge indicator of profitability and market share tomorrow. Does your brand own consumer-relevant, consumer-compelling benefits that are unique and believable?

Emotional Connection

First, the consumer must know your brand. Then he or she must like your brand. Finally, the consumer must trust your brand and feel an emotional connection to it. There are many innovative ways to achieve this emotional connection from advertising and the quality of front line consumer contact to consumer membership organizations and company-sponsored consumer events.

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