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Private label brands have a bright future.
 It’s probably safe to conclude the next generation of super successful brands will not come from the name brands, but from more private label brand-focused retailers.
How Private Label Brands Create Affordable Joy

Recently, Procter & Gamble indicated that it would continue to raise prices even though lack of consumer demand – due to increased prices – was responsible for half of its sales decreases. P&G’s CFO indicated that the packaged goods behemoth’s focus on continuing price hikes would be acceptable to consumers because, after all, people still need to launder their clothes and wash their hands.

Private Label Brands Are Not Commodities

A private label brand is not the same as a commodity product. A recent trends report from Deloitte highlights a trend focused on the tension between commoditization and premiumization. Deloitte states, “To remain competitive, many retailers have shifted toward offering private labels…. While discount products (commodities) still represent the majority of private-label sales, the share of premium private labels continues to rise….”

Heinz Private Label Strategy Proves Masterful

David Jason’s voice wafts into British living rooms as images of everyday life fill the screen. ‘Some things in life just have to be,’ he intones. It’s not meant to be prize-winning creative work. It’s the latest part of Heinz’s increasingly successful strategy to fight private labels. The food giant offers a playbook on how to survive and prosper in an age of own-label brands.

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