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Luxury brands are built on much more than exclusivity. Explore the best practices in luxury branding on Branding Strategy Insider.
Building Luxury Brands With Abundant Rarity

Recently, a commentator for Financial Times wrote that “luxury is scarcity.” The reporter referred to issues concerning the German wine industry and the German car industry. Apparently, German wines no longer have a cachet. One of the reasons is the expansion of its varietals. Quantity over quality. As for the German automotive manufacturers, Mercedes is excising its entry-level brands to focus on its more expensive, more luxurious models, in other words, fewer luxury vehicles. On...

Targeting The Luxury Consumer

A luxury brand is a complex platform that conveys messages about quality, lineage, status, and taste. It often encompasses a set of visual icons, such as a distinctive logo, monograms, patterns and images. A good example is Bottega Veneta, whose leather goods display no visible symbols or logo, but are instead recognized by the weaved leather pattern of their products.

Amazon’s Impact On Luxury Strategy

In 2017, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) announced that Coty, the U.S. beauty group, did not break any laws of competition when it forbade a German distributor from selling Coty products on Amazon.de, the German Amazon site. In Europe, luxury products are able to limit sales of their products to only those “stores that maintain their luxury image,” Financial Times reported. The ECJ calls this “selective distribution.”

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