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Luxury brands are built on much more than exclusivity. Explore the best practices in luxury branding on Branding Strategy Insider.
The Rise Of Budget Luxury Brands

Recently, Ian Schrager, entrepreneur, hotelier and co-founder of famed Studio 54, decided to create hotels that are luxury but without the services and amenities. Mr. Schrager’s hotel vision is luxurious experiences that do not depend on multiple on-site staffers and niceties. His vision is a segment he calls Economy Luxury.

Ten Values That Define A Luxury Brand

Perhaps there is no more contentious issue in the luxury market today than what makes a brand “real” luxury? The industry establishment frequently claims that this brand or that one simply doesn’t measure up to their inbred standard, thus negating it as a competitive threat. But all that is changing, as the very definition of “luxury” is undergoing a paradigm shift in the consumer market.

5 Ways Luxury Brands Can Retain Vital Customers

The recession clock is ticking, and it’s gets louder as it ticks faster. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told CNBC that a recession is all but inevitable. Others may argue that the recession has already hit, based on the traditional definition as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, which occurred earlier this year. However, because unemployment remains low, many economists are reluctant to make the official recession call.

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