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Consumers are on a quest to find meaning and brands that succeed are the ones that help them fulfill this quest. Brands need to consider personal meaning, social meaning and cultural meaning.
Leveraging Consumer Identity For Brand Advantage

We buy a huge range of products because of a drive to enhance the extended self. Athletic wear merchandisers get this, but companies in other verticals may not. Brands that link the consumer to key elements of the self, whether these are schools, favorite musical artists, old neighborhoods, or coveted identities like “successful executive” or “glam girl” have a competitive advantage over others that don’t connect to the extended self-concept.

Brands Without Meaning Are No Longer Essential

Retailer J. Crew announced a bankruptcy filing last month that will potentially close its nearly 200 stores and those of sister company Madewell. Problems for the company have been racking up for years: unsustainable debt, fit and quality issues, a misguided push toward higher income consumers (which alienated its core customer base) and extreme discounting. But J. Crew’s real problem is that the company doesn’t mean anything to anyone. It has no thematic reason for...

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