Ranjay Gulati, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

9 Ways To Activate Your Brand Purpose

In my book DEEP PURPOSE I detail a new mindset about purpose, one that forces executives to rethink what they do. But rethinking isn’t enough. You must move forcefully to put deep purpose into practice if you are to reap its benefits. Here are nine ways to translate a deep purpose mindset into leadership action.

Leveraging The Past For A Future With Purpose

The organizational scholar Sierk Ybema distinguishes between two different but familiar kinds of stories that leaders tell about the organization’s relationship with the past. In the nostalgic view, the past was a “golden age” from which the company has unfortunately strayed. Leaders and employees often take such a view to resist change and critique present-day ideas and practices.

How Leaders Can Activate Organizational Purpose

The notion that the pursuit of economic self-interest alone cannot sufficiently motivate people to act collectively gained adherents over the years. Scholars across a number of fields recognized that humans possess inherent needs for meaning, community, and purpose. These intrinsic motivations compel us to act, not just extrinsic incentives.

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