Jeff Rosenblum, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

From Brand Pyramids To Brand Building

The traditional marketing process still works in categories like soap and toothpaste, where a small increase in market share can translate into millions of dollars in extra revenue. But exponential brands are outperforming those traditional brands by focusing on what they do, not what they say. They’re finding smarter ways to bypass the brain’s filters, embrace transparency, and live up to a higher purpose. Then they’re developing immersive, empowering content to bring that purpose to...

Moving Beyond Owned, Earned And Paid Media

They say we live in the age of transparency. Thought leaders and industry pundits tell us that thanks to ratings, reviews and ubiquitous connectivity, consumers can see completely through brands. I’ve been part of this movement, screaming from the proverbial hilltops with articles, speeches and a documentary. But it’s complete hyperbole.

The Fundamentals Of Breakthrough Brand Strategy

The day he walked into the San Francisco 49ers headquarters in 1979, Bill Walsh sported pressed khaki pants, neatly combed white hair and a professorial disposition. The only items missing from his ensemble were an elbow-patch jacket and a bent billiard pipe. He certainly didn’t look like a football coach. He didn’t act like one, either. He didn’t yell. He didn’t scream. He didn’t give rah-rah speeches.

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