Emmanuel Probst, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

Three Ways Marketers Can Improve Their Creativity

No matter your background, education, and professional achievements, you are capable of great things. Statistically, 99 percent of us did not go to the top 1 percent of schools, have famous parents, or a hefty trust fund. Yet we can all become successful in our own right by making the most of what we have and taking small steps. We don’t have to succeed immediately but we owe it to ourselves to try. In its...

Brand Managers Guide To Embracing Sustainability

Being a “sustainable brand” has different meanings to different consumers. Some brands are purposefully built around sustainability. “Oatly was born sustainable. Its very existence is the manifestation of their mission. Specifically, to help support ‘a systemic shift toward a sustainable, resilient food system’ . . . to ensure the future of the planet for generations to come.”

The Brand Strategy Of Self-Expression

Self-expressive brands enable us to express our inner selves, “the way others see me.” People who want to express their “real me” are more engaged with brands online and are motivated to co-create brand value. They become brand advocates. Ultimately, they are willing to pay a premium and will develop a long-term relationship with the brand.

How Brands Can Become Trusted Sources

Consumers no longer expect brands to merely market their products, but to provide reliable and accurate information, take a stance on social issues, and make a positive contribution to society and the community. At the same time, people are increasingly concerned about the spread of fake news, which impacts their perception of media channels, social media platforms, and brands.

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