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Brands that tap into people’s deepest desires make strong lasting connections with those people. Deep desires most often come from a feeling of lack but can also result from seeking a place of safety, peace or comfort. Customer insights are gained on a deeply emotional level.
5 Concepts For Actionable Segmentation

The segmentation graveyard teems with sorry creatures. Most large organizations – and many small ones – have such a graveyard buried within past market research and strategic plans. Among its disused inhabitants are schemes that: Lack explanatory power for observed behaviors Are incomprehensible due to the dozen-plus variables used to define them Incorporate large “unexplained” buckets for groups that fall outside statistically-derived clusters Have substantial overlap among segments

3 Principles For Facing Change And Disruption

Disruptive events always feel momentous and world-changing in the heat of the moment. It feels like everything is of consequence and nothing will ever be the same. But of course, it never works out like that. A few things change, some for the better and some for the worse, but most things stay the same. We look back later and much of what we thought would change has been forgotten like a New Year’s resolution....

Consumer Behavior In A Disrupted Marketplace

Habits are hard to break, but not impossible. Some sort of change occurs after every marketplace disruption. But where changes happen, what changes happen, how many embrace change, and whether change is small, large or far-reaching depends upon the quality of the experience consumers have with whatever is new and different. The asymmetry principle is the way to sort this out.

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