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The context for brand cultures is changing. We explore how brands can navigate the changes and strengthen their brand from the inside out.
Organizational Learning And Competitive Advantage

There’s an old saying that change is the only constant in business. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is to remind us of the enduring truth of this adage and of the fundamental imperative for companies to keep learning. Companies master change only by keeping up and adapting as conditions evolve. Today’s knowledge won’t help with tomorrow’s challenges. Only organizations that put a premium on learning will survive, much less thrive. Yet...

Aligning Employer And Corporate Brand Strategy

Today’s organizations — be they B2B, non-profit, government or consumer – live and die by their ability to build and deliver a strong employer brand that earns the trust and loyalty of their employees. If your external brand is the sum of all the experiences that someone has with your organization, then that is true of your employer brand too.

The Science Behind Brand Culture Success

In June 2018, after three days of intense competition and only a single event to go, the Women’s NCAA National Outdoor Track and Field Championship title remained up for grabs. The top three teams were separated by less than ten points. Sitting in third place, the University of Southern California Trojans were still in the running, but their path to victory was narrow. To win they needed nothing short of a first-place finish in the...

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