Brand Building And Customer Co-Creation

Kip BrownJune 4, 20142 min

Customer Co-Creation Workshops

Co-creation gives you a better answer because it starts at a better place. 

Think, for a moment, about the last time you and your team became involved in launching a new brand or figuring out how to improve the brand you own.  It probably began by doing some research (OK, maybe a lot of research) to look for that magical point where need and value and opportunity uniquely exist for your brand.  I’m also guessing you didn’t find it. Or if you thought you found it you quickly learned your closest competitor found the same thing because they looked for it the same way.

Our clients constantly tell us they have reams and reams of research yet have no idea where to start. And that’s because they started in the wrong place.

What we’ve found is that the best place to start is right within the four walls of your organization, with the people who understand your customers best – your customer-facing experts. These are the people who listen and hear and ultimately deliver the brand experience you need to secure your brand’s future.

What’s exciting to watch is what happens when we bring these customer-facing experts together in the same room with your customers. That’s where the real magic happens. Together, with the help of some great facilitation, these newly-formed partners uncover and define ideas for the brand which are often amazing in their clarity, value and simplicity.

What’s also amazing to watch is how they find unique opportunities in their work together that can provide innovative ways to think about and differentiate the brand.

Co-creation is a smart move for marketers looking to gain insight into how to better position their brand or improve their brand experience. By involving stakeholders and customers at the beginning of the process trust and empathy is quickly created.  And with that comes speed and agility. You simply get to a smarter answer quicker when all the important players are part of the design right from the start.

The future belongs to brands that co-create with their customers
One of the most important questions that brands must continually answer in order to remain competitive is how they will build a unique relationship with their customers. Co-creation workshops provide that opportunity. They give brands, in this ever-changing world, a new ability to stay relevant and gain an advantage in the mind and the market. The Blake Project, the brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider specializes in this meaningful work and offers strategy workshops centered on co-creation: Brand Strategy Co-Creation and Customer Experience Co-Creation.

The Blake Project Can Help: Brand Strategy and Customer Co-Creation Workshops

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