Robert Strand, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

Building A Successful Event Brand

Do people line up for LEGO events for blocks? Would a ‘World Origami Championship’ be aired on Paperview? I’ll speak to that below, and as a spectator and ‘puntestant’ (my stage name is Kenny Dewitt – ‘Can-He-Do-It’) I can tell you Punderdome is amazing and a shining example of a successful event brand. Since 2011 what started out in a basement bar has evolved into the Punderdome card game (licensed to Penguin Random House), and...

The Brand Management Of Dead Celebrities

Dead celebrities and icons inspire us, take a place of influence and earn a place of love and respect in our hearts and minds. With various forms of intellectual property, and subject to how it is protected, managed, and creatively re-imagined, deceased celebrities and icons have great earnings potential even after they’ve left the physical world. Coupled with the reach and speed of social media, dead celebrities and icons are extending their influence, building new...

IP Guide To Developing Promotional Campaigns

As a brand licensing strategist I spent five years at the NBA, which in addition to basketball was known as ‘Nothing But Attorneys’. Fortunately those attorneys were fantastic in-house counsel to whom we had access, and they were happy to pass on their knowledge – especially to those who were prepared, eager to learn and understood the importance of protecting the collective intangible assets of the NBA.

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