Koen Pauwels, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

5 Methods For Growing Brands

Brand growth is a key business challenge. Research, such as the double jeopardy revealed by Jenni Romaniuk and Byron Sharp in their follow up book, How Brands Grow Part 2, explains why big brands are and stay big: they don’t just have a larger customer base than small brands do, customers also buy them more frequently than they do small brands (‘Double Jeopardy’).

5 Keys To Growing A New Brand

‘Buying a brand for the first time does not require a major conversion, just a bit of mental availability’ A new brand has to build ‘essential memories’, which are not about the brand superiority or differentiation, but simply what it is (eg a soft drink) and what is looks like (so it can be found). Therefore, it is key to define the category you are in, and that you are a plausible option in it....

The Essential Drivers Of Brand Growth

Growing your brand is a key objective of marketing managers, as strong brands make your company more money, faster and with less risk. They also help you attract the best employees, give you the best deals with channel partners and get the attention of financial investors. But how should you go about growing your brand?

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