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How To Reveal Customer Motivations

Claudia Kotchka played a key role in figuring out what parents (mostly mothers) want from their children’s diapers. She was in charge of P&G’s design, tasked with bringing new innovation tools and techniques into the company. But it was incredibly difficult to get marketing on board because the experiences reported by her consumers didn’t match up with what marketing thought were the important parts of selling diapers. It was only when IDEO came on and...

BP: The Perils Of Prematurely Making A Brand Promise

Let’s address the elephant in the room that appears when we talk about the global energy company BP: the tragic Deepwater Horizon incident and the 2016 Hollywood movie of the same name that describes itself as “based on true events.” The movie generally sticks to what actually happened on April 20, 2010, when an oil rig owned by BP exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven people, injuring many more, and creating an environmental...

5 Strengths Changing Organizations Must Exhibit

There are five key dimensions against which an organization must exhibit strength. We interviewed people representing over ninety organizations, from a wide array of categories, for our book Shift Ahead. Some of them were successful in shifting; others were less so. Nevertheless, all could attest to the fact that these five dimensions were essential elements in being able to shift at critical moments of change.

Is Your Brand Meaningfully Different?

As marketing professionals, we’d like to share a quick lesson in one of the fundamentals of marketing having to do with relevance, what we call being “meaningfully different.” Marketers know it’s not enough to be merely relevant to be worthy of a customer’s admiration and loyalty. Something must be relevantly different to attain this status.

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