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It’s often not hard to see why brands have failed – especially after the fact. More often than not, common brand problems are to blame. Each making a negative impact on brand equity.
38 Ways Brands Generate “Badwill”

I’ve just been re-reading parts of Matt Haig’s Brand Failures: The Truth About The 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes Of All Time. While the edition I’m looking at is now close to ten years old, its ideas are a timely reminder that though the purpose of brands is to generate goodwill and margin, failure to deliver on expectations and the subsequent “badwill” that engenders is never far away.

60 Signs Your Brand Is Dying

It’s often not hard to see why other brands have died – especially after the fact. There’s also one interesting and abiding constant in all the casualties. What kills a brand, more often than not, is what it lacks rather than what it does: conviction; energy; value; humility; cash; discipline; imagination; focus…

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