Branding Snapshot – April 8

Derrick DayeApril 8, 20071 min

Every Sunday I like to take a moment and try to collect some of the blur that was the past week on Branding Strategy Insider and elsewhere. There’s much to take in. It helps that we’re all writing it down…

Jack on Getting Agencies Back on Track
Forget about emotion, bonding, borrowed interest or show business. Agencies have to rebuild their reputations around being able to help top management figure out the right competitive strategy for a brand. In simple terms, they have to be able to help establish the point of difference for a brand.

And what does Jack have to say about industry awards?

Martin on project BRANDchild
Today’s kids expect to see an integrated flow across all channels. The BRANDchild study clearly shows that brands, which only use one, channel – or maybe use several channels but don’t create a synergy in the message between the multiple channels will lose.

What else did the study reveal?

Brad on Overcoming Common Brand Problems
What is the ‘kiss of death’ for brands?

Branding Rally: Place Branding
Eli, Marcia, Edward, Alan, Derrick and Ed continue a lively discussion on Place Branding. Join us…


Meaningful thoughts on Cause Marketing.

The Latest on the Social Media Boom: Technorati is now tracking more than 70 Million Blogs.

We like the Credibility Branding Blog and think you will too.

Higher mental profits for all of us in the week ahead I’m sure…

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