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Promises matter to customers. If your brand doesn’t deliver what you promise to customers, in time, you won’t matter to them. This is true in every product category. This is true in all walks of life. More importantly, in our social media crazed world, vetting out broken brand promises made to consumers has instant ramifications to the credibility and trajectory of your brand’s perceived value.
Articulating The Brand Promise

I was talking with a business associate of mine today. She is working with an organization that has grown from a start-up to a company with more than 1,000 employees. The organization produces high quality products and is growing rapidly however to the CEO’s credit, he is noticing chinks in the company’s armor, chinks that are due to organization growth and size.

Making And Keeping Brand Promises

Brands make promises and then they must keep those promises. Making the promise is easy. Keeping it is the hard part. One can make a promise with words. But it can only be kept through actions. Consider BP repositioning itself as an environmentally friendly brand with the “Beyond Petroleum” slogan and the bright yellow and green sunburst icon. BP supported this with a $200 million public relations advertising campaign designed by Ogilvy & Mather. It...

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