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The Closing Gap Between B2B And B2C Marketing

A study carried out in 2019 by marketing and advertising effectiveness researchers Les Binet and Peter Field for LinkedIn’s B2B Institute called 5 Principles of Growth in B2B Marketing, found that some of the key rules for effectiveness in B2C marketing also apply to B2B. It concluded that five practices in particular – routine to B2C marketers – are also common to the most effective B2B marketing case studies while hardly being utilized by most...

The Interdependency Of Marketing And Finance

It’s tempting to consider marketing and finance to be completely separate business disciplines. Marketing is about subjective, edgy, creative things like brands and television commercials. Finance focuses on hard, cold numbers. In reality, as most experienced business leaders know, the two disciplines are deeply entwined in the successful management of a venture. Though it’s not the only factor, marketing is one of the most essential drivers of business profitability and high valuations. Marketing is about...

Moving Beyond Owned, Earned And Paid Media

They say we live in the age of transparency. Thought leaders and industry pundits tell us that thanks to ratings, reviews and ubiquitous connectivity, consumers can see completely through brands. I’ve been part of this movement, screaming from the proverbial hilltops with articles, speeches and a documentary. But it’s complete hyperbole.

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