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When thinking about product and brand innovation – what seems to elude many executive leaders is that people do not buy products, they buy into meanings.
Managing Internal Risk Tolerances To Innovation

Anything perceived as new to an established organization system naturally feels risky. Large companies focus huge resources to operate with excellence, so while innovation teams are often pushing forward into new spaces, the rest of the organization that has to make those ideas come to life can be naturally and properly hesitant about going after anything that conflicts with their current expertise, knowledge base, or efficiency. It is the inherent bias to stick to what...

The Opportunity Of Disruptive Innovation

Bed Bath & Beyond didn’t respond well to e-commerce taking much of its business. The retailer shifted its assortment a bit, tried to hone its promotional pricing, and targeted its marketing. But it just couldn’t compete with the assortment found online, nor the convenience of e-commerce, nor with many of the low prices. It never found a coherent response.

Three Ways Marketers Can Improve Their Creativity

No matter your background, education, and professional achievements, you are capable of great things. Statistically, 99 percent of us did not go to the top 1 percent of schools, have famous parents, or a hefty trust fund. Yet we can all become successful in our own right by making the most of what we have and taking small steps. We don’t have to succeed immediately but we owe it to ourselves to try. In its...

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