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Many studies over time have demonstrated that brand equity is a significant contributor to stock price, company valuation and shareholder value. Branding Strategy Insider offers insight on effective measurement techniques with emphasis on awareness, differentiation, value, accessibility, and emotional connection.
The Resurgence And Rewards Of Brand Equity

Something interesting is happening in brand management. Increasingly, we read about brand-businesses that are focusing on Brand Equity. It has been decades since the topic of Brand Equity was mentioned in press releases and earnings calls. Brand Equity is more than a phrase; it is an investment in enduring profitable growth of the brand-business.

Measuring Branding Success

This is a challenging subject. Many people believe the only measure of success is the final results. For example, if you are selling a product did you sell more because of the investment in your communication campaign? If yes, then it is judged a success. If no, it is judged a failure.

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