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A comprehensive brand audit will often reveal new growth opportunities for your brand, and new ways to make your brand resonate with a new generation of target customers who will represent your brand’s bigger future. Completing a brand audit is a chance to take a fresh and objective look at your brand from a number of critical perspectives.
Brand Audit: Guardian Of Brand Health

The health of a brand needs to be critically maintained and managed if it’s to contribute sustained value to customers and brand owners over the long term. Of the many tools available for brand owners and managers to assess the well being of their brands, the brand audit is the most widely used and misunderstood.

Brand Audits: Choosing The Auditor

More thoughts on brand audits and auditors. Brand auditors must go far beneath the surface to assess the strength of an organization’s mission and vision and the strength of its brand’s essence, promise, and personality (especially in relationship to the organization’s stakeholders’ perceptions of the organization). As part of the process, the auditor should investigate how congruently each of the following groups or sources articulate or manifest these organizational and brand attributes:

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