Ruth Saunders, Author at Branding Strategy Insider

Marketers Guide To Gaining Board Member Buy-In

It was an autumn day at P&G. We as a team had tried for the third time to get Board buy-in to launching a new shampoo, only to be told for the third time that our value proposition and business case weren’t compelling enough – and to go back and rework them again. We sat in the company cafeteria  dejected, not knowing why we kept failing to convince the Board to invest, and unclear on...

Transforming Marketing Teams For The Digital Age

The data and technology revolution is transforming the marketing world. Leading edge companies are recognizing the potential of using data and technology to build deeper, more engaging customer relationships – by delivering personalized one-on-one customer messages, to each and every customer and prospect, at each and every stage of the customer journey – with companies like Microsoft leading the way.

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